about the Wizzard


Interior Wizzard is run by Richard, who has a wealth of experience in retrimming and repairing interiors. The experience covers 10 years spent learning the trade with one of the best in the business, to setting business up on his own, turning out complete retrims at the highest of quality for a competitive price.

But its not just complete retrims, Interior Wizzard is also one of the best repairers in the trade, so if you need to get your faded trim replaced or if you need that hard to find bolster replacing, speak to us. We’ve amassed lots of contacts in the business who can supply those rare parts.

Interior Wizzard isn’t just about Car trims, we can retrim and refit all manner of vehicles, along the lines of Minibusses, Trucks and Tractors, Boats etc. If you’ve got a seating issue, give us a call and see what we can do.

What do we do

Bespoke Automotive Retrims

Our most impressive work on automotive retrims can be seen on the gallery page. We can work on retrimming any interior from any vehicle, so if you need to heat up your hatch, or just patch up your truck seat, give us a call.

Repair and Refurb

We can replace parts of trims to original spec or better, so if you’ve got a cigarette burn, or marked leather, get in touch and ask us about our extremely well priced repair services.

Contact Details:
tel: 07771 921692

email: info@interiorwizzard.co.uk

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